TikTok Marketing: Top Secret Hacks To Boost Up Your Profile

After the launch of TikTok in 2018, it has experienced massive growth. Not only it occupied the space of Vine and ByteDance in everyone’s hearts, but it also showcased the level of talent on the platform sounds astonishing. The good reason to use TikTok is full of the best features that make it simple for content creators to produce a top-quality video without leaving the platform. Yet, if you are using the essential elements of TikTok, you are missing out on the advanced features of your platform. Buy TikTok likes to instantly grow your popularity. As a TikTok content maker, there are a few hidden secret features and hacks to boost your profile. Starting from shooting a duet to making a slideshow of the simplest methods, you will find some hack here in this guide. 

Today, we will discuss the top 10 TikTok’s secret tricks to enhance your profile. Although you are an experienced TikTok creator, you may find something fascinating that you haven’t come across before. 

TikTok Hidden Hacks

This part will discuss the top 10 massive TikTok tricks and their hidden features that will take your TikTok video content to the next level. It also turns your TikTok profit quickly with much more results. 

Are you amazed? If so, let us get started!

1. Make A Slideshow

TikTok includes templates that you can utilize to make a slideshow. Here you got a simple TikTok trick that you can use to create customized slideshows. Begin by shooting your intro as you usually would shoot any TikTok videos. When you build with your opening, enter into effects and select Green Screen. Identify the image from your camera roll that you need to use as your backdrop and rotate your phone. It will let the image you selected fill the complete screen. You can shoot and release along with music or audio background. 

2. Shoot TikTok Vlog Or Voiceover

To record a TikTok vlog or voiceover, shoot your video within the app as usual. After which, tap on Next to get a posting screen where you can search for captions and hashtags by typing. Alternatively, by publishing your TikTok videos, you can begin recording your screen by making sure that your microphone switches on.  

After you record on your screen:

  1. Return to TikTok and take a preview of your TikTok video by clicking on your video thumbnail to the captions right. Since you are watching your TikTok video and voiceover occurring on the clip, your phone will simultaneously record what’s happening on your screen and what you are narrating.
  2. When you have completed, close your preview and end your screen recording.
  3. Enter the screen recording from your camera roll and modify it to trim from the beginning till the end of the recorded video.

You also need to leave the actual content, not the frames displaying you at the beginning and end of the screen recording. Lastly, enter into TikTok and click on the Upload option. Select the screen recording video from your camera roll and publish as you generally would post on it. 

3. Make TikTok Duet

If you have spent some time on TikTok, then you would know about duets concepts. These are the videos with a split-screen where the real video emerges to the right side while the new videos of the person making the duet pop up on the left side. You can begin to make a duet for any video that permits duets. Identify the video you need to duet with and click the share icon on the screen’s right side. Then, tap duet. 

4. Make GIF From A TikTok Video

When you haven’t initiated using GIF marketing, you are missing this best feature. Everyone loves GIFs as they are short and engaging while packing an emotional hook. Now you have every option of TikTok to grab from GIF videos. To change a TikTok clip into a GIF, recognize a video that you need to change and click the share option to the right, then click Share using a GIF, where you will need to jump to the right to identify out. 


If you are one of the most famous TikTok influencers to become popular, follow these hacks and hidden features to make your content look best and effective. The more you use TikTok, drives more engagement with these tools to enhance your marketing efforts.