Meme Culture In TikTok

TikTok has turned out to be a breeding ground for creating innovative, funny videos that later emerged as memes. TikTok invests in innovative tools to empower people to explore outside of their comfort zone, to be confident in establishing the true self. TikTok will continually encourage positive modes of usage in different parts of the world. Also, meme culture has fuelled TikTok’s success. TikTok is endowed with handy editing tools like stickers, special effects filters, AR objects, and more. These features also contributed towards the rise of TikTok as a unique platform for content creation and community.

In the present state of TikTok, the app may grow sustainably into new markets. According to Sensor Tower, As of November 2019, TikTok passed 1.5 billion downloads worldwide on the App Store and Google Play. Also, the app had 614 million downloads in 2019. It is understood from these statistics that the app is growing mainly among people all around the world. The app’s impressive feature is that it enables people to be creative in whatever way they would like, whether participating in a widespread challenge or people sharing casual videos of their pets. Due to the consistently emerging competition one can buy TikTok likes to establish them on this platform. Such moves will help in establishing a strong presence. 

In recent examples for memes, it can be understood that there is no need to add text to set a context. We have become far more native with memes’ idea that we don’t require a text below the image describing what the two photographs convey. We have gotten used to how memes function that we require the titles “Reality” and “Expectation.” Also, besides the differences, the two memes are mostly similar.

TikTok could possibly keep growing because of its consistent usage numbers. As it is evident from other social media platforms, it is essential to come up with new features for progressive development. Otherwise, the users may turn bored or disengaged.

People are addicted to social media in such a way more they consume, their appetite expands. However, due to varied cultural practices and regulations in different countries, it will also encounter local authorities’ legal challenges. Yet TikTok strives continually to sustain its popularity and image.

Most meme accounts on TikTok have not yet started to earn. But the nature of the platform is slowly changing as the users continually share flooding messy, reposted, and remixed content. Specifically, for younger users, TikTok is no longer a platform for dance challenges and skits. The teenagers look forward to dominating the new landscape by consuming news, commentary, and the most viral videos on the internet.

Video-based memes are a little more complicated forms of memes now consisting of the format by which the video is created and accompanied by the sound. Still, the fundamental idea behind it is the meme format that can simply be replicated, reposted, and shared.

Recently, the evolution of TikTok is another outgrowth in meme culture. While memes till now had generally comprised of image and video formats, the app has groomed up with fame to music-oriented memes. This kind of memes format typically contains two crucial parts. Primarily, all these memes are based upon the precise clipping of a musical track. Generally, this is a popular song cropped for a few seconds (maximum up to 15 seconds). Each song refers to a specific meme in its format.

Most of the TikTok videos posted on meme accounts adhere to a split-screen structure. One user acting out the set up towards the screen’s right side, while another user delivers the punch line on the left. It is termed as the “duet” option, and it functions similar to quote-tweeting friends on Twitter — it allows one user to share what another posted while mentioning the comment.

TikTok platform is built around a completely distinct type of videos, contents, and memes that get wholly merged with the audio content. The app has enabled itself considerably immutable. Snapchat and Instagram could duplicate all the features that got TikTok to this stage—its video creator and audio library along with effects—but it is quite impossible to replicate the community that TikTok occupied since this community had risen around a completely different brand of contents.